What can we learn from the evolution of Google?

What can we learn from the evolution of Google?

The unveiling of the new Google logo last month undoubtedly caused a stir, with many people adverse to the change and asking why? But as time went by, the new logo started to make more sense. This got me thinking about the importance of a strong logo and overall brand design, as this is often the first thing a person will see and as we all know, first impressions count!

When you dig a little deeper into the reasoning behind the Google logo change, it becomes easier to understand why they chose this particular design. The logo now has less ‘style’, but more substance. With internet users increasingly using mobile devices including phones, tablets and smartwatches to search the internet, Google’s simplified logo is designed to fit on the smallest of screens. New design features such as the pop up microphone icon and the animated dots that bounce around on the screen when the search engine is generating results, further simplify the usability of Google. Google presents a useful example of the importance of adjusting your brand and design in order to adapt to the ever-changing technological world and user requirements.

Here at The Scott Partnership, we understand the importance of having a strong and relevant business brand. An effective logo allows a person to immediately make a connection to that business before they even see the name. A good business logo needs to be appropriate to the business, be memorable, reflect the company’s vision and values, be unique as well as uncomplicated in form. Not too much to ask, right!? Getting the logo right is an essential first step to defining your company’s brand identity and will determine how you then design any future collateral.

Our in-house graphic design has helped numerous clients develop new brands as well as refresh existing brands. Accompanied with our integrated sales and marketing capabilities, our creative approach helps our clients to raise awareness of their brand amongst their customers, prospects, potential investors and the media.

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