A recap of ESHG 2023: Unveiling the future of human genetics

Recently, our team attended the 2023 European Society of Human Genetics Conference (ESHG) in Glasgow, Scotland, and it was exciting to see the turnout of people in-person again.

More than 130 companies exhibited at ESHG so immersing ourselves in the world of our friends, clients and colleagues is always rewarding. Let's dive into some of our key takeaways, shall we?


ESHG is one of the leading events in the field of human genetics, with over 4000 participants, 250 oral presentations and more than 1500 posters. The hybrid conference meant there was also an active Corporate Satellite programme running through the weekend, with speakers from across Europe and beyond giving educational sessions and workshops.

Hot topics on the ESHG agenda include advances in omics, cancer genetics, functional genomics and epigenomics, immunology, sequencing. There was an especially large focus on single-cell data analysis, automation in cancer research, next-generation sequencing (NGS) data and, of course, as with all future-looking get-togethers there was debate about harnessing the use of artificial intelligence (AI).


Some amazing posters are presented at the conference, sadly too many to mention. However, if you search the #eshg2023 you’ll see some of the proud presenters and be able to see some of the conversations on the breadth of subjects, which ranged across 25 topics, most notably:
  • Reproductive genetics
  • Prenatal genetics
  • Cancer genetics
  • Diagnostic improvements and quality control
  • Personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics
  • New technologies & approaches


The range of exhibitors was diverse. As with all conferences and exhibitions the ebb and flow of attendees between lunch and breaks was noticeable – so this well attended conference was buzzing at times. The only criticism was unusual heat for a Glasgow early summer!

The most notable booth was probably Revvity as it was debuting the new eye-catching brand. Yellow stood out among the sea of blue!

Attending ESHG 2023 always helps to get a glimpse into the future of advances in human and medical genetics. It was inspiring, challenging, and full of potential.

We can't wait to play our part in helping innovative organisations bring their stories and products to market and make their meaningful science matter. A particular highlight for us was a recent video trailer that made its debut on one of our great client’s booths!

What else?

We would love to hear about your own exciting experiences at ESHG 2023. Share with us the highlights and memorable moments that made this conference truly remarkable. And don't forget to mark your calendars for the next ESHG conference in Berlin in 2024 - we look forward to seeing you there!

Let us know what you found exciting at ESHG 2023. The next ESHG conference will take place in Berlin in 2024 – see you there!

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July 13th 2023 | exhibitions, trade show

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