International podcast day 2022

It’s International Podcast Day, 2022!

Tune into our podcast, TSP Talks, where we discuss a variety of topics in science and technology, with the aim of helping our listeners generate new ideas and communicate with scientists.

Today we discuss: should podcasts be part of your B2B digital marketing strategy?

Did you know that podcasting is expected to be a $1 billion industry by the end of 2022 and that listeners are more likely to consider brands they hear about on podcasts?

B2B podcast marketing can be a great way to reach a niche scientific audience and build brand advocacy in a way that few other forms of content can achieve. Through the delivery of useful content that your audience will value, B2B podcasting is an opportunity to enhance customer relationships with key decision makers within companies that could eventually end up being your customers and users.

A good reason to start a podcast is to help tell your brand's story and create more engagement, partnerships, and connections around your brand. Listeners are not afraid of supporting brands they like and are more likely to follow companies and brands on social media. Since their introduction in late 2004, podcasts have become an increasingly popular request from our clients wanting to create podcast content for their own B2B podcast channel.

Podcasts can be recorded live or remotely, making them relatively easy to create, even in the new hybrid world. Here are a few good reasons why we think you should consider generating podcasts for your company.

  • Build audiences
Podcasts are a great strategy to demonstrate thought leadership. You can share knowledge and expertise on your chosen topic related to your industry. They also give you the chance to express key opinions, and give you talking points and a platform to interact with your audience. It's essential that you communicate the offer of your brand authentically. This will boost brand trust and, not forgetting, your personal engagement and public profile will grow too.

  • Cross channel content
Podcasts are diverse and can be used across various content forms. Your audience can either listen to, watch, or read a write-up. Podcasts can also be easily integrated into your other marketing initiatives too, so make sure your social media, email marketing, public relations, and content marketing teams are aware of the new show so they can help you promote it.

Podcasts are easy to listen to. Depending on which way your audience prefers to consume information, you’ll be able to provide a suitable way of sharing your content, whether on YouTube, Spotify, your website, or all three. Your branded podcast is a powerful asset, so you’ll want to market it as best you can.

  • It all starts with a plan
Podcasts can be a low-cost component of your marketing strategy and are relatively simple to produce. There are a variety of online platforms that help you record, edit, upload and promote each episode – some of them completely free! However, it is important that you spend time planning your ideas ahead for themes and guests, highlighting opportunities to address real-world scientific problems that can be solved through the use of your instruments and services. This is vital to reach a niche scientific audience that want to engage with your channel and, ultimately, buy your products and solutions.

We conclude that it is not a question of if a podcast will fit into your B2B digital marketing strategy, but how.

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September 30th 2022 |

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